Nov. 15th ’09: Saturday Night Fever on Fulton St.

Kevin White used to spend his workdays one inch away from the spotlights, guarding the life of Mariah Carey, Jay-Z or Diddy. His own ended a saturday night in a sports bar, right under the J and Z tracks, in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn.

Nov 15th was the night Manny Pacquiao fought Miguel Cotto. The viewing party at the Norwood Palace, 3138 Fulton St, seemed like the place to be in Cypress Hills, until some guy spilled a drink over a lady patron. Then, stools and chairs started flying and getting crushed on people's head, turning the whole place into a saloon from a Terrence Hill movie.
And then, the Brooklyn way, with the chrome and metal shit.

A former bodyguard for Billboard's elite with an incredible rap sheet (28 arrests !), Kevin White was 5 years away from his last jail bid. Aged 43, he was now working as a regular bouncer at the Palace, trying to break up the brawl.

Having received a 911 call a few minutes earlier, two plainclothes cops from the 75th pretinct arrived at the exact moment Donovan Wilson, a 19 y.o patron, stormed out the building, right after firing a round at one of the bouncers' bulletproof vest. Waiving his .25 towards the cops, the teen ends up getting shot three times : leg, chest, and elbow.

He'd eventually survive, but less than a minute later, Kevin White would meet his end in these walls.

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So what happened ? According to the NYPD, the two cops rushed inside the bar, with their badges showing, and found White pointing a .357 magnum at them. He reportedly failed to comply with orders to drop his weapon, and got shot once, in the neck, by one of New York's finest.

According to White's cousin, Derek Wright - a former NYPD detective – the cops failed to identify themselves as such and simply fired on the security guard, who had just wrestled a gun from one of the patrons. The victim's sibling, Louis White, said « (his) brother would never carry a gun ». However, the former bodyguard has been busted a few times for gun possession in his life.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the NYPD has surveillance video showing Kevin White pointing a gun at the cops before being killed. The Commissioner added a second weapon - a loaded 9 mm handgun - was found nearby White's body, implying this one might also be his.

To this day, the suveillance video hasn't been made public yet.


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