In Search Of Paul's Boutique

Paul's Boutique is the Beastie Boys
second studio album, released on July 25, 1989 on Capitol Records.
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The album cover folds out to show an (almost) 360-degree panoramic view as seen from the corner of the Ludlow and Rivington streets. As can be seen by the keen eye in the cover and album sleeve art, the address that is supposed to be Paul's Boutique (but can clearly be identified as Lee's Sportswear by the top sign) is on 99 Rivington Street, where Rivington intersects Ludlow Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The Paul's Boutique awning sign was hung on the building specifically for the cover photo shoot. Until early 2007, the building contained an eatery inside named Paul's Boutique in honor of the album. It was renamed Three Monkeys, and a new bar was opened across the street called Spitzer's Corner.

The cover photo was credited to Nathanial Hörnblowér, the collective nom de plume of the Beastie Boys but was executed by Jeremy Shatan

Beastie Boys remastered their 1989 epos "Paul's Boutique" in 2009. This photo was used as cover art for the remastered versions.

This photograph was taken in 2008 by Google Street View cars for use with Google Maps, a feature of Google's search engine.

This photograph was taken for the 20 year anniversary of "Paul's Boutique". It was shot by Sinisa Mazulovic at six in the morning of October 10, 2009.

source: Beastie Museum

Jeremy Shatan elaborates on his photography work:
After that I didn't see Mike D or any of them for awhile. Licensed to Ill happened and I couldn't believe how big they blew up with that album. Even my mother was dancing to "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)" at the après-ski club that winter! Eventually Michael Diamond and I reconnected and re-established our relationship around 1988-89. They were working on Paul's Boutique and one day at lunch with Mike D and his brother Stephen, Michael mentioned their idea for the cover of Paul’s Boutique. I can remember him saying that, ‘We want to do a 360 panorama of a lower-east-side intersection and we'll all just dance around.’ Since I had studied photography at Purchase and was working for a photographer, as well as doing my own work, I figured that I could help them out. ‘I know how to do it,’ I said, ‘I'll rent the equipment and hire an assistant. Just tell me the time and place.
We all showed up at the appointed time and I was impressed that they had made up a fake ‘Paul's Boutique’ sign and had brought all these props. We shot about 30 rolls down there and then went to the roof of 101 Park Avenue in midtown and did more panoramics up there. I don't think those have ever seen the light of day. In the car between locations, they played me some of the Paul's Boutique rough mixes. I was knocked out. This stuff sounded really good! The Paul's Boutique cover won plenty of recognition and even a few awards. The cover photo was credited to Nathanial Hörnblowér, the collective nom de plume of the Beastie Boys. Matt Cohen, the guy I hired, and I were listed as ‘photo assistants.’ It didn't really bother me as it really was their idea, but wouldn't that actually make Mr. Hornblower the Art Director?
At least they spelled my name right!

source: Beastiemania


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